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"Kanuvippu" (An Eye Opener) ( Telugu)   
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Kanuvippu (An Eye Opener)

Continuing the ceaseless war on child marriages Radio Ala came forward with a short skit Kanuvippu (An Eye Opener) to educate and to create consciousness in girl child against this vile tradition of marrying at an unriped age.

Ayodin Salt ( Kannada)   

It's a health programme (AROGYA KANAJA) done by Sunil.

RBSY Health program ( Kannada)   
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Rashtriya Bala Swastha Yojana program done with Dr Juleka.

Health --> Adolescent Health

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When catering to a population of over a billion people there is bound to be differences in the distribution of benefits. Healthcare is one such sphere that has witnessed widespread inequality when it comes to quality and affordability. While health is of utmost importance India has been lagging behind in ensuring that all its citizen get the necessary healthcare. The conditions worsen in areas that are at high altitudes and those that are difficult to reach. Through this section we learn about the issues of healthcare in different parts of the country and what the people need to avoid illnesses.