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EDAA is popular name of EK duniya anEK awaaz portal. EDAA.in domain is registered and owned by Delhi based non–profit OneWorld Foundation India. The complete URL of the portal is www.edaa.in. EDAA is a content and knowledge exchange portal for the Community Radio stations and Community Media initiatives in India. 

EK duniya anEK awaaz (EDAA) – One World, Many Voices is a web based free and open audio content and resource exchange platform for community radio broadcasters, aims to facilitate the meaningful utilisation of resources while breaking the geographical boundaries.

The platform enables the CR stations and other content producers to share their audio content and other resources, thus facilitating meaningful utilisation of resources breaking geographical boundaries.

User(s) and Visitors
A user is someone who has registered on EDAA and has permission to share, upload, download, tag content available on EDAA.

A visitors is someone who has not registered and is browsing the website without registering.

Content & Knowledge
Anything that is available on or via EDAA. These can include textual documents, audio/radio programmes, video clips, movies or photographs that are uploaded by the users or EDAA team.

EDAA Adda/ Forum
EDAA Adda is a space offered to portal users to initiate dialogue on issues related to Community Media. The main objective is to promote cross and peer learning among Community Radio practitioners. The users can share success stories, news updates, post questions queries and comments.

Terms of Service
As a user of EDAA you can upload, download, share content, collaborate and share content and participate in the discussions on EDAA Adda. However when you register, you agree to terms and conditions set out by the site which are a prerequisite to joining. These terms and conditions can be seen here.

In order to be able to fully use all the services that EDAA offers, you must register on the portal by providing a user name, password, and a valid email address and complete the user profile. You must provide complete and accurate registration information in order to make best use the EDAA portal.

User Name
We encourage individuals and organizations to use their actual official name. You may not use someone else's name, or a name that is obscene or otherwise objectionable.

Account Security
Your password must remain confidential at all times and do not allow others to use your account. As an EDAA user you are responsible for all activity that occurs under your account. In case you feel that your account has been compromised or there has been unauthorised use, you must change your password.

Please note that EDAA or EDAA team or OneWorld Foundation India or Ministry of Information & Broadcasting don't stores password details. However, for assistance you may please contact edaa@oneworld.net.

Should you choose not to remain a user, please inform us via email at edaa@oneworld.net. However, in this case only your user name and user details will be deleted from the portal and all kind of content and knowledge materials will continue to remain on the portal.  

In case your account is no longer active for over a period of three months, EDAA reserves the right to delete the account.