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Pantnagar Janvani Promo (Hindi)   
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It's a promotional advertisement of Pantnagar Janvani programme. It includes the experts comments on various diseases and what are the precautions to be taken.

Laghu Natika (Purchase certified products) (Hindi)   
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This short drama is a medium to inform community so as to take precautions while puchasing stuffs and products from the market. It informs people to buy only those products that are certified by registered agencies.


युवा स्वर (Yuva Swar) (Hindi)   
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"पंतनगर जनवाणी " इस "युवा स्वर " क्रार्यक्रम के माध्यम से  हम युवाओ के विचारों को आम लोगो  के बीच पहुचने का प्रयास करते हैं जिससे हमारे  क्षेत्र के लोग युवाओ के इस नए विचारों को अपनाने का प्रयास करेंगे

Ek Kahaani (Story) (Hindi)   
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Story telling programmes are broadcast regularly on Pantnagar Janavani. Here is a story narrated by Vikas Ranjan, Bobby and Rajendra Bhatt. Pantnagar Janvani encourages children to participate in the programmes of the CR station and show their talent. 

Ye Betiyon Ki Jindagi (Life of these daughters) (Hindi)   
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This programme is based on the thinking of families and the society toward girls. The objective of this programmes is to create awareness among people about the needs of their daughters and daughter in laws.

Jaago grahak jaago - Real estate (Hindi)   
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Jago grahak jago is a skit based on consumer rights. It tries to create awareness among people about their rights related to consumer products and services, especially real estate.

Saving money helps (Hindi)   
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This drama underlines the significance of saving money. It emphasizes the need of spending money according to limit. It says that spending beyond a limit is not good for life.

Rakt Daan Maha Daan (Blood donation) (Hindi)   
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This programme is based on the importance of blood donation. It not only talks about its importance but also foucses on how timely and regular blood donation can save the lives of thousands. 

जिसका काम उसी को साजे (Hindi)   
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जिसका काम उसी को साजे एक नाटक है. इस नाटक का उद्देश्य लोगों में इस बात को लेकर जागृति पैदा करना है कि जिस व्यक्ति का जो काम है वो ही उसे ठीक ढंग से कर सकता है. 

Yuva swar - World Environment Day (Hindi)   
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In this programme, students disscuss the topic of environment, the causes of environmental pollution and the steps that need to be taken by youth at their level to improve the existing situation. This discussion was held on the World Environment Day.

Pantnagar Janvani

<p>To empower rural segment by provididng them a voice through community radio.To create a platform of sharing through community radio programmes for participatory development at grassroots level.Faster and efficient dissemination of need-based agricultural information to promote sustainable development.</p>

<p>Community Radio Station PantnagarJanvaniworks as a part of extension and communication efforts of the university to disseminate the relevant need based research and technologies to farmers and allied beneficiaries.&nbsp;</p>

Content is yet to be updated by the station.

<p>Signature Programmes: Krishi Sandesh, Gaon Ki Baat, Janvaniand ShrotaManch Community Participation: PantnagarJanvani has established Community Radio Clubs in villageswith a coordinator and five active members from the village who voluntarily participate in the village development process through radio programmes. The club members organise meetings regularly to discuss the problems of the village regarding agriculture, veterinary, fishery, health and other issues. The club members discuss their problems with PantnagarJanvani team and initiate the process of development through intervention of Community Radio. Innovations in Format: The Community Radio Station mainly uses features and docu-drama formats which encourage the participation of the community and prompt them to act on issues. Along with these, drama, songs, interviews, field reporting and vox-pop formats are popularly in PantnagarJanvani.</p>

<p>Funding and Partnerships Pantnagar Janvani team regularly conducts participatory evaluations of its work. The Community Radio Station is funded by the Pantnagar University.</p>

<p>We have had a very good impact on farm productivity in the villages reached by the radio station broadcasts.</p>

<p><strong>Core Team:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Sanjay Kumar</li> <li>Vikas Ranjan</li> </ul> <p><strong>CRMC Members:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Subhash Kumar</li> <li>Vir Singh</li> <li>Y P S Dabas</li> <li>J P Singh</li> <li>J Kumar</li> <li>R S Raghuvanshi</li> <li>G K Singh</li> <li>Uma Melkani</li> <li>H C Sharma</li> <li>Devendra Kumar</li> <li>I J Singh</li> <li>D S Murty</li> <li>Mr P K Goyal</li> <li>Neelam Bhardwaj</li> <li>S K Kashyap</li> </ul>

Pantnagar Janvani, Communication Centre, GB Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand.
Phone: 07500241487, 05944233122
Email: pantnagar_janvani@rediffmail.com

Frequency : 90.80000305175781
Broadcast hours : 08:00 -10:00, 13:00-15.00 and 18:00 – 20:00 Hours
Established in : 2011-08-15
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