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Use of organic fertilizers ( Hindi)   
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जैविक खाद के बारे में किसानों को जानकारी दी गयी है। जैविक खाद कैसे बनती है, इसके लाभ, रख-रखाव के बारे में भी बताया गया है

World food day ( Hindi)   
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Every year we observe World Food Day and this year the theme united against hunger, chosen to recognize the efforts made in the fight against world hunger at national, regional and international levels. However, there is inequality and corruption that still exists in our country. Towards this we need to unite against hunger along with state and civil society organizations and the private sector in partnership at all levels to defeat hunger, extreme poverty and malnutrition. Devendra Sharma, Food Policy Analysis gave his thoughts on World Food Day.


Right to food ( Hindi)   
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The government of India has proposed to enact a law to address the problem of hunger in the country. Hundreds of millions of Indians live near the brink of starvation. Proposed act aims to provide "assured physical, economic and social access to adequate, locally grown and culturally appropriate, diverse, safe, affordable and nutritious food and other requirements of good nutrition for all residents of the country, at all times, necessary to lead an active and health life with dignity." Devinder Sharma who is an Indian journalist, writer, thinker, well-known and respected for his views on food and trade policy talks about this proposed law.

Food security and Peoples' mid-term appraisal of 11th plan ( Hindi)   
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This episode highlights various problems faced by the people of India due to increase in food price and lack of good harvest. Food Security is not just a poverty issue, it is a much larger issue that involves the whole food system and affects every one of us in some way or the other. Among other things, Devinder Sharma talked of Futures’ trading as a factor to rising food prices and Dr. Suman Sahai said that BT brinjal and GM crops are not the ways to ensure food security.

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