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Schemes for tribal welfare ( Hindi)   
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India's forests are home to millions of people, including many Scheduled Tribes, who live in or near the forest areas of the country. Moreover, vast areas of land that may or may not be forests are classified as "forest" under India's forest laws, and those cultivating these lands are technically cultivating "forest land". India's forests are governed by two main laws, the Indian Forest Act, 1927 and the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972. The former empowers the government to declare any area to be a reserved forest, protected forest or village forest. The latter allows any area to be constituted as a "protected area", namely a national park, wildlife sanctuary, tiger reserve or community conservation area

The Irular, seekers of light ( Tamil)   
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A feature on the Irular tribe. The Irular are a native tribal group found in both sides of western ghats -- in Kerala and Tamil Nadu and speak two different dialects.

Lives of nomadic Tribes ( Hindi)   
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A programme on the lives of Nomads in India. Their origins, occupations, difficulties and dreams.

We often come across children performing tight rope walk at road sides, red light crossings, and market places. We also find women urging tourists to purchase their hand made products.

Who are these people? Where do they come from? What are their difficulties and their dreams? Yes, this radio programme is based on the Lives Nomadic Tribes who have been a part of our society since ages.

Inclusion and Equity --> Tribals

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Tribes are a set of people with rich and diverse culture but have remained disadvantaged for years. Tribal people not only face the problem exclusion but also from inclusion into dominant development paradigm of the country. In this section, you will find radio programmes based on welfare schemes, policies and legislatures for tribal people.