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Kalki Subramaniyam on transgenders ( Tamil)   
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This is a radio interview with transgender Kalki Subramaniyam. Kalki speaks about the problems faced by the transgender community and expectations from the society.

Homosexuality ( Hindi)   
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इस कार्यक्रम में सम्लेंगिकता के विषय पर चर्चा की गई है | एडवोकेट आदित्या भटाचार्य जी के साथ साथ लोगो ने भी इस विषय पर अपने विचारों को बांटा है|

Inclusion and Equity --> LGBT

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Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender people not only face the problem of social exclusion but also remain devoid of their basic rights and entitlement. Programmes tagged under section will take you the different issues and concerns of LGBT community.