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Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh (Deaf Education) ( Hindi)   
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Smt. Lata Nayak has been working in the field of Deaf Education for the last 26 years. Currently she is the principal of Sanskardham College for the Deaf adults in Mumbai. In this episode she shares the changing trends in the field of Deaf Education, explains the attitudinal changes that have come about among parents of Deaf children and the Deaf community as a whole.

Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh ( Visually Impaired Community) ( Hindi)   
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This episode is based on an interview with George Abraham, CEO of Delhi based organization Score Foundation which works towards disseminating information on living with blindness through their project Eyeway. In this episode George shared his experiences of working with parents of blind children and providing valuable advice on various things which needs to be changed. 

Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh featuring discussion on Accessibility and Universal Design ( Hindi)   
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Anjlee Agarwal is the Founder Trustee of Samarthyam, a National Information, Technical Assistance and  Research Organization. In this episode she talks about how her team is working towards promoting accessible and universal design inbuilt and outdoor environment, transportation systems and products.  


Inse Milye ( Hindi)   
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This programme named "Inse milye" is produced by "MSPICM" community radio in Himachal Pradesh. It includes an interview with Alisha Agarwal, Teacher, Ali Yaverjung National Institute, Mumbai, who works mainly in providing help to children with disability. She mentioned different objectives of Ali Yaverjung National Institute like manpower development, research in different fields, providing clinical services, outreach extension services and material development. 

Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh featuring discussion on "The legal aspects of Disability " Ep- 14 ( Hindi)   
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This programme is based on an interview with Kanchan Pamnani, a lawyer and a solicitor specializing in corporate affairs, intellectual prosperity and disability law. Being blind herself, she has been working closely with the Disability Rights Group. Her advocacy work for the visually challenged has been very useful for the community. In this Episode Kanchan explains the various Laws of The Government of India that encouraging the lives of persons with disabilities.


Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh Featuring discussion on Epilepsy Ep- 12 ( Hindi)   
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Dr Urvashi Shah is the Joint Secretary of the Mumbai chapter of the Indian Epilepsy Association. She is a Neuro Psychologist working at the Neurology department of KEM Hospital, Mumbai and in this episode she would be giving us important information on Epilepsy, its causes, types, treatment, surgeries and rehabilitation and busts few myths which commonly seen in public regarding Epilepsy. She urges people not to shy away from admitting to being epileptic and gives the do’s and don’ts of what needs to be done when one sees a person having an Epileptic attack.


Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh Featuring discussion on Accessibility and Assistive Technology Ep- 13 ( Hindi)   
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This programme is based on an interview with Shilpi Kapoor Founder of BarrierBreak Technologies working on accessibility and assistive technology. She works in the area of advocacy of accessibility into IT & Electronics, working with governments to understand the needs of persons with disabilities and working with disability organizations to understand their needs to promote independent living of persons with disabilities. In this episode she talks about technologies available for persons with disabilities which enable them to live, study and communicate with all.

Nambikkai Nimidangal ( Tamil)   
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Nambikkai Nimidangal is a special radio feature on disability rights.

Ability unlimited ( Tamil)   
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Ability unlimited is a special radio programme broadcast on World Disability Day. The programme features school students.

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