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AIPM celebrity voices ( Hindi)   
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In this Episode Celbrities Nandita Das, Murali Kartik and Govind Pandey lend their voice to the All India Peoples Manifesto. “Such initiatives are important because even the smallest action goes a long way in contributing to the change that we want to see in society,”.The first step for the youth to take is to start voting” says Nandita Das Addressing the youth of the country, “I request the youth to come out and vote in large numbers because it is us who needs to decide and choose our leaders. It is also our birth right” says Murali Kartik. "The political leaders should not only make new promises but also ensure that the old promises are fulfilled. Providing better health, education and livelihoods should be the prerogative of the next govt." says Govind Pandey in his message to the govt.

All India people's manifesto part-ll ( Hindi)   
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This episode talks about the ground action being conducted on the All India People's Manifesto. "The All India Peoples Manifesto has helped us put forward our demand and made us aware of the demands that we need to make. The media has highlighted these demands although the political party leaders seem slightly cautious" says Himanshu Banker from Gujarat. "The women's manifesto which has been developed in Maharastra demands 33% reservation in higher education and the vidhan sabha. There should be adequate budgetary allocations for health and education. A strong demand has been raised for stringent implementation of laws on domestic violence" says Jyoti Nagarkar from Maharashtra

All india people's manifesto ( Hindi)   
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This episode opens the discussion on the All India Peoples Manifesto. "This is an initiative of various civil society groups to bring the participation of common citizens into the political process. After the Mumbai terror strikes, its evident that people's participation in the governance of the country is crucial. The responsibility and participation of the people does not end with voting once in five years" says Amitabh Behar, Convener Wada Na Todo Abhiyan. Sharing the ground level experiences of the people's manifesto public meetings, "Need for transparency and proper implementation of schemes like National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme and Public Distribution System are the key issues that have emerged from the people's manifesto public meetings" says Priyanka Dixit from Uttar Pradesh, Wada Nibhao Abhiyan.

NREGA and Right to Work part- II ( Hindi)   
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In this episode the discussion on NREGA continues to explore and expose the progress in the implementation of NREGS across states as well as the inclusion of the socially excluded groups within the scheme. KS Gopal. Anindo Banerjei , and Sejal Dand  reveal  the challenges and progress made so far in Andhra Pradesh,  Bihar and Gujarat respectively. Yamini Aiyyer, Accountability Initiative Center for Policy Research speaks on the participation of women while Javed Abidi, Disability Rights Group speaks on the rights and participation of the disabled groups in NREGS.

Who is who in MGNREGA ( Hindi)   
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Seventh Episode on Mahatma Gandhi NREGA talks about the Government officials and machinery involved in the process of implementation MGNREGA at various levels e.g. State Level, District and Village Panchayat Level. Programme focuses on the responsibilities of the District Programme coordinators, Panchayat Sahayaks, Village Secretary and the Mate in proper implementation of this act. Discussion with expert from UNDP, Dr. Nilay Ranjan has also underlined at the Grievance Redressal mechanism available at MGNREGA.

National consultation on the review of 100 days agenda of the UPA ( Hindi)   
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In this episode, we bring you a quick review of the United Progressive Alliance or UPA (the Indian Government 2004-09 that was elected for another term this year), focusing on its performance on some flagship programmes implemented during the previous term. Also under spotlight is the "100 Days" promise of the UPA. Experts and civil society organizations share their evaluation.

Housing rights in Delhi ( Hindi)   
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Through a detailed statistics and interview with Ramender of Kislay and Indu of Indo-Global Social Service Society, the programme emphasis the housing rights of construction workers in Delhi

Youth and leadership ( Hindi)   
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जयपुर प्रवाह संस्था के प्रतिनिधियों द्वारा बने इस कार्यक्रम में नेतृत्व क्षमता के विषय में चर्चा की गई है | प्रोफेसर रमेश कुमार अरोरा के साथ साथ यूवाओं ने भी अपने विचारों को बांटा है |

Diluting the public distribution system ( Hindi)   
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The Public Distribution System was meant to be a security measure for the Indian poor - it helped farmers by purchasing from them at reasonable price and supplying to the poor at reasonable price. But the scheme is beset by corruption and malpractice, and today the Delhi Government is considering a plan for replacing this with cash. More about this in the programme...
यह कार्यक्रम गैर सरकारी संस्था किसलय द्धारा बनाया गया है जोकि सरकार द्धारा जन वितरण प्रणाली के बदलते स्वरुप पर अधारित है और इसमे नगद योजना पर भी बात कि गयी है । इस कार्यक्रम में लोगों के विचारो के साथ-साथ दिल्ली श्रमिक सगठन से जुड़ी अनीता जुनेजा ने अपने विचारो को बांटा है । श्रृति संस्था से जुड़े रोहित जैन जी ने इस कार्यक्रम में अपने अनुभवो को भी बांटा है ।

Rights of labour in India ( Hindi)   
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यह कार्यक्रम मजदूरों के हक के बारे में है! कार्यक्रम में बताया गया है कि मजदूरों को अपने हक के बारे में जानकारी ही नहीं होती,न ही वे अपने भविष्य के बारे में सोच पाते हैं! बहुत से मजदूर संगठनों के बारे में जानकारी दी गयी है जो उनके हितों के लिए काम करते हैं! एक्सपर्ट हेमलता ने बताया है कि मजदूर संगठन मजदूरों के हित के लिए किस प्रकार काम करते हैं, साथ ही ये भी बताया है कि सरकार की तरफ से मजदूरों के हित और सुरक्षा के लिए कौन से बिल पास किये गये हैं!

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This thematic area addresses the issue of delivery of services provided by the government to the public. It isimperative that a high quality of basic services such as health and education be provided to all citizens, since these are not only ends in themselves, but also play a critical role in enhancing individual capabilities to participate fully in the growth of the economy.