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Garbage management ( Marathi)   
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A short drama on managing waste garbage. Safe and healthy disposal of garbage is very important from a health and cleanliness point of view.

Forest Protection ( Oriya)   
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The audio programme is to educate people on deforestation and its impact on climate change.

Effects of deforestation ( Hindi)   
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The main reason of not getting enough rainfall today is because of massive deforestation that mankind is doing in the pretext of development. Trees play a vital role in the lives of human beings. It not only provides us shade and fruits but it also generates clean air for us to breath.

The short play shows how the women folk discuss the scarcity of water in a small village. This discussion leads them to visit their village head. He informs them about the benefit of trees. Finally, the women folk of that village make a pledge to plant trees to counter deforestation.

Planting trees to conserve nature ( Hindi)   
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Through this small drama, the Chanderi Ki Awaaz team has put across the importance of planting trees to save nature and the bio-diversity.

Importance of bio diesel ( Hindi)   
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Hasinuddin, local expert in Chanderi, speaks on method of preparing bio-diesel and the importance of it in conserving nature.

इस प्रोग्राम के माध्यम से बढती हुई डीजल बनाने की विधि व इसके उपयोग के बारे में जानकारी दी है

Importance of energy ( Hindi)   
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इस कार्यक्रम के द्वारा लोगों को ऊर्जा का महत्व बताया गया और उन्हें ऊर्जा की कमी के संकट से बचने के लिए ऊर्जा के वैकल्पिक स्त्रोतों की जानकारी दी गई।

Trees - our life ( Hindi)   
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आज जहां देखो आपको आपका पर्यावरण जो है वह प्रदूषित मिलेगा क्योकि जब हम मकान के लिए या अन्य काम के लिए लकड़ी का प्रयोग करते हैं तो अवश्यकता अनुसार प्रयोग नहीं करते हैं उससे ज्यादा पेड़ो को काट देते है जिससे पेड़ खत्म हो जाते है जिसके कारण हमें अच्छी आकसीजन भी नहीं मिल पाती है इस विषय के ऊपर हम आपको एक लघु नाटिका के माध्यम से बताया है ।

Drought, desertification and land ( Hindi)   
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Dr. Vandana Shiva, a leading feminist environmentalist in India, says organic methods of agriculture can help in solving the problem of droughts and desertification. Government of India has ratified the UN convention of desertification but has fairly ignored issue after the economic reforms. For citizens, land is equivalent to the mother and goddess but due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers and modern western practices, a significant amount of land is turning infertile. Photo credit: OneWorld South Asia

Waste management in India ( Hindi)   
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Urban India is facing a huge challenge to manage a vast amount of materials that are just thrown away. Modern urban living brings on the problem of waste, which increases in quantity, and changes in composition with each passing day. The waste hierarchy refers to the "reduce, reuse, and recycle" which classify waste management strategies according to their desirability.

The 3Rs are categories at the top of our disposal options. They include a variety of initiatives for disposing of discards. Talking to Ek Duniya Ek Awaaz Mr. Ravi Agarwal; Director Toxic Links feels that the management of waste is not only the responsibility of governments and the manufacturer, but also an individual's duty. Waste management is an issue that has to be dealt with daily in order to control the huge amounts of waste currently passing through our towns and cities, he added.

Save the soul of purity: Save fuel ( Hindi)   
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A radio spot appealing to people to save fuel. If we control the use of petrol and diesel it can save our lives and our money.

Environment and Development --> Conservation

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Conservation of our natural resources would not only help us in saving natural resources for our future generations but help tackle the problem of global warming and climate change. We need to ensure the intelligent and efficient use of such resources. Explore this section to listen to the success stories, challenges and solutions related to the conservation of nature and natural resources.