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Vendriduvom (Ecology) Ep1 ( Tamil)   
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This programme acts as a platform to inform community members about the importance of environment and how to preserve the environment. 

Vendriduvom (Ecology2) ( Tamil)   
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This programme focuses on the issue of environment. In recent times, many issues related to climate change and global warming has become a major cause of concern. It has become a topic of discussion for all the political leaders, policy makers and thinkers across the globe.

Community Ka Kamaal ( Hindi)   
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The aim of this programme is to highlight the achievement of people who have done good for the upliftment of the community and society. In this episode of Community ka Kamaal Manish Tiwari speaks about his campaign to Save Trees.

Yuva swar - World Environment Day ( Hindi)   
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In this programme, students disscuss the topic of environment, the causes of environmental pollution and the steps that need to be taken by youth at their level to improve the existing situation. This discussion was held on the World Environment Day.

Understanding green economy ( Hindi)   
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The theme of this year's World Environment Day was Green Economy. In this episode of Ek Duniya Ek Awaaz, Bharti Chaturvedi of Chintan India talks about the siginificance of Green Econmy in Indian context.

Saththam ( Tamil)   
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'Saththam' is a radio documentary based on the issue of sound pollution. High noise levels can contribute to cardiovascular effects in humans, a rise in blood pressure, and an increase in stress and vasoconstriction, and an increased incidence of coronary artery disease. 

Tree story ( Hindi)   
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This programme is a short story about the life and significance of a tree. This story is narrated by the students of 4th and 5th standard.

World Earth Day with Ravi Singh, WWF India ( Hindi)   
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World Earth Day is observed all over the world on 22nd April. This is a special day that reminds us to share a responsibility to protect our planet. On the occasion of 42nd Earth Day we spoke to Ravi Singh, Chief Executive Officer and Secretary-General, WWF India who says that it is a perfect time to express, initiate and put in practice the ideas related to protecting the environment. He talks about planting More Trees, reducing Waste, using recycled products and policies to protect environment and earth.

Let's stop air pollution! ( Hindi)   
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A public awareness campaign on pollution and its impacts. Produced by the Visual Communication Students of SRM University.

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Conservation of our natural resources would not only help us in saving natural resources for our future generations but help tackle the problem of global warming and climate change. We need to ensure the intelligent and efficient use of such resources. Explore this section to listen to the success stories, challenges and solutions related to the conservation of nature and natural resources.