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Snehwarta (Marathi)

This programme is based on the celebration of "Satyamev jayate day" on 1st May 2013 and organised national workshop on "Human Trafficking.

Participants: Priti Damale, Vijay Sangale
Experts: Priti Damale, Vijay Sangal
Programme Format: Interview
Date of Broadcast: 0000-00-00
Date of Upload: 2013-05-22 06:44:31
File Format: MP3
Themes: Inclusion and Equity --> Women

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Radio Nagar 90.4 FM - Awaj Tumcha

<p>The mission of our parent NGO,&rsquo; Snehalaya&rsquo;, is to help the woman in distress to be self sufficient, bring the HIV positive people &amp; children in the main stream of the society, to provide shelter to the homeless &amp; abandoned children. Snehalaya has 14 projects in Ahmednagar which are dedicated for the cause.</p> <p>We as an audio media of Snehalaya, try to create awareness about this community among the listeners. The various happenings in all this projects are highlighted by Radionagar 90.4 FM .Besides this awareness about local problems &amp; solutions for them are suggested. Local talents in the various fields are given a chance to perform on this radio. In this way this community radio not only creates awareness about the working of our parent NGO but also tries to include the society as a whole by means of actual programme participation &amp; highlighting local issues.</p>

<p>Radionagar 90.4 Fm is the first Community Radio station in Ahmednagar. This CRS (community radio station) was inaugurated by renowned personalities in their individual fields&rsquo;. Popatrao Pawarji, Sarpanch Adarsh gaon Hiwre bazaar &amp; Mr. Kumar Ketkar, renowned journalist and chief Editor &lsquo;Divya Marathi&rsquo; were the eminent personalities who blessed us by their presence for the inaugural function. Besides these personalities many other well known and eminent personalities in and around Ahmednagar also lent their ever supportive hand for the working and success of &lsquo;Snehalayas&rsquo; CRS Radionagar 90.4 FM.Since its inaugural on 13<sup>th</sup> January Radio nagar has never looked back. It has gained popularity among the local community in a short span of time and all the days that followed have been quite eventful.</p>

Content is yet to be updated by the station.

a) Live Shows- 1. Morning Show ‘Nagari Misal’-Based on current affairs, domestic as well as others plus opinions of people who specialize on various subjects. 2. Evening Show-‘Radio Katta’-Youth oriented show which discusses youth issues and asks for their opinions. b) Interview based shows- 1. Gadavu nave kahi-Interviews of successful entrepreneurs 2. Prakashachi bête-Interviews of legends to set an example. 3. Pustakachya Panatun- Interviews of eminent personalities in literature. 4. Kavi Katta- Interviews and recitations of works of eminent poets in Ahmednagar. 5. Samvad Doctoranshi- Interviews of doctors and specialist on various ailments. 6. Nagar diary-Interviews of eminent role models in various fields. 7. Snehawarta – Highlighting Snehalaya’s working.

Plans—Funding to be sought to design & produce programmes ,Broadcast Promos for various Developmental Agencies, Seeking Sponsorships, Advertisements, Studio on Rent, Producing Jingles etc.

<p>A week long programme to create an awareness about HIV &amp; AIDS was conducted in the form of interviews of Govt. Health Authorities ,Expert opinions, Volunteers &amp;social workers, promos about HIV etc, along with rallies of awareness about AIDS were organized. Similarly a series about TB &amp; awareness about the same is being broadcast on our radio. In this programme also interviews of experts, doctors, DOT providers, TB patients are broadcast in order to educate the community about the various means in which TB can be cured. We received a lot of Q&rsquo;s regarding both the ailments with respect to treatment, Govt. Schemes etc; along with this we were also able to remove certain myths about these diseases.</p>

<p>Station Head:- &nbsp;Rupali Deshmukh</p> <p>Programming Head :- Prasanna Pathak</p> <p>Producer :- Priti Bhombe</p> <p>C.J. :- Tejashri Fulsounder</p> <p>Sound Eng. :- Prashant Jathar</p> <p>Sound Editor :- Suraj Solse</p> <p>Chiefadvisor :- Gopalrao Mirikar</p>

Dr. Aadkar Balkalyan Sankul, Lendkar Mala,Balikashram Road Ahmednagar
Phone: 9011112390, 9011112590
Email: radionagar@snehalaya.org

Frequency : 90.4000015258789
Broadcast hours : 5.00 AM to 11.00 PM
Established in : 13/01/2011
Org. / Institution :
Language : NA