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Yug Pravartak Vivekanand (Ep- 53) (Hindi)   
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Swamiji was totally unaware of the controversies surrounding his outcast from the religion. He was insulted, made the subject of criticism and controversy, and his beliefs were questioned. Despite all this, he continued to advance towards the achievement of his goal. Unfortunately, his health also declined and he went to Almora to gain back his health.

Yug Pravartak Vivekanand (Ep- 52) (Hindi)   
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After the establishment of Ramakrishna Ashram, Swamiji engrossed himself in the service of others. He spent a few days in Darjeeling to rejuvenate his spirit but yet, he felt sulky due to all the criticisms and condemnations about him and his ways. But, this never stopped him to do what he was doing.

Yug Pravartak Vivekanand (Ep- 51) (Hindi)   
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Swamiji boarded ship from Madras for Calcutta. He was exhausted from the incessant lectures, conversations, discussions and interviews. Though Lokmanya Tilak had himself requested him to visit Poona in one of his letters, Swamiji could not fulfill his wish and went to Calcutta.

Yug Pravartak Vivekanand (Ep- 50) (Hindi)   
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Finally, Swamiji was back in his homeland. A grand anticipation and a great aim awaited him. He reached Madras where he was welcomed. His students wished to establish a centre to propogate his teachings and thus, prayed to him to stay a while longer in Madras until the establishment of the centre.

Yug Pravartak Vivekanand (Ep- 49) (Hindi)   
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Swamiji's Colombo visit was one of the most important historical event for India. The slight view of his saffron turban excited the huge crowd which assimilated at the shore to welcome him. During his stay in Srilanka, Swaimiji was always surrounded by a huge crowd. After Colombo, his next destination was Candy.

Yug Pravartak Vivekanand (Ep- 48) (Hindi)   
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Swamiji was elated in the anticipation of the massive movement that he was expecting to take place sooner in India. During his trip, he kept telling his students about Europe and his future plans began to take shape during these conversations. Swamiji reached Milan in Italy via France and was excited to see Leonardo Da Vinci's creation, "The Last Supper".                      

Yug Pravartak Vivekanand Ep- 47 (Hindi)   
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Swamiji travelled to Europe with the Xaviers and Miss Muller. He was impressed with the beauty of the Alps which reminded of the Himalayas. After some time, he began missing his homeland and thus, decided to return. Eventually, he decided that he will return to India with Goodwin and Xaviers.

Yug Pravartak Vivekanand Ep- 46 (Hindi)   
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Swamiji met with Mr. Maxmuller in Oxford University during his stay in England. He was a renowned scholar and an avid Indologist. Swamiji travelled to Switerzerland to find some relief after several months of hard work. He travelled in Switzerland extensively. 

Yug Pravartak Vivekanand Ep- 45 (Hindi)   
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Swamiji returns to New York from his trip to London. He began to render lectures, education and write a book. Wherever he delivered lectures, he motivated crowd immensely. Thereafter, he visited Boston and Detroit but returned back to New York. He decided to establish a centre to impart Yoga education and discuss Vedanta.




Yug Pravartak Vivekanand Ep- 44 (Hindi)   
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Swamiji was welcomed in London. He had gained enough popularity within the shortstay of one month. This is when he met Miss Margaret, who later came to be known as Sister Nivedita, in one of his conference.

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