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Yug Pravartak Vivekanand (Ep - 63) (Hindi)   
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Swamiji’s teachings tell us how to balance between past, present and future. He said that only a flowing stream can remain clean, pure and healthy. Likewise, the progress of a society stagnates in the absence of an aim. He stressed that the youth should have a righteous goal in life. When they will prosper, nation will prosper.

Yug Pravartak Vivekanand (Ep - 62) (Hindi)   
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Swamiji left this world on 4 July, 1902. Though he had left this world physically, his teachings, thoughts and philosophy will stay forever with us. If one wishes to understand India, one must have to understand Vivelanand. He was not only a philosophical teacher but also a true visionary and patriot as well. 

Yug Pravartak Vivekanand (Ep - 61) (Hindi)   
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Two distinguished Japanese scholars visited Belur Math towards the end of the year in. To invite Swamiji in the conference of religions in Japan. Swamiji consented to visit Japan in spite of his failing health. These two scholars stayed at Belur for a few days and enjoyed the philosophical discussions with Swamiji.

Yug Pravartak Vivekanand (Ep - 60) (Hindi)   
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Swamiji returned to Belur Math after accomplishing his journey to East Bengal and Assam. He felt sleepless at nights and hence, was under strict observation of a physician. But Swamiji was engrossed in reading the new Encyclopedia Britannica which was recently bought in the math.

Yug Pravartak Vivekanand (Ep - 59) (Hindi)   
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Swamiji reached Mayavati to attend the last rituals of Mr. Xavier. Though, he was mesmerized by the scenic beauty of this place, he had kept himself confined in Ashram due to severe cold weather and snowfall. On the other side, his health was also declining and he used to have asthma attacks.

Yug Pravartak Vivekanand (Ep - 58) (Hindi)   
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Ramkrisha Math was established this year on 9 december. Swamiji was glad with the working of the Ashram. Once, a sage named Nag, came to meet Swamiji. It was decided that Swamiji will leave for Englandon 10th June. Sister Nivedita also accompanied him. Swamiji reached London on 31st July by ship journey.

Yug Pravartak Vivekanand (Ep - 57) (Hindi)   
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Despite Swamiji’s warning, Margaret Noble visited India and was received at Calcutta port Swamiji himself. Swamiji decided to look after all the arrangements for Ramkrishna’s birthday celebrations himself. Swamiji decided to go on Himalayan trip along with his students.

Yug Pravartak Vivekanand (Ep - 56) (Hindi)   
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Goodwin had written about Swamiji’s stay at Sialkot. According to him, “though Swamiji cannot gain back his health, he was completely engaged in work at new place, North-west India. He delivered many lectures there at different places in Hindi.” Coincidently, he met his childhood friend Babu Motilal Bose.

Yug Pravartak Vivekanand (Ep - 55) (Hindi)   
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Due to health reasons, Swamiji traveled to Himalayas. He was heartily welcomed whatever place he visited during his journey. Those days, Swamiji wished to establish a centre in Kashmir. He had put this proposal to Maharaja Pratap Singh of Jammu. He also traveled to Rawalpindi.

Yug Pravartak Vivekanand (Ep - 54) (Hindi)   
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Swamiji’s short sejours in Almora and Darjeeling benefited his health incredibly. On hearing about the famine struck Murshidabad, Swamiji gladly sent his two disciples to help Akhandanand who was already providing help to the victims. Swamiji traveled to Bareilly and stayed at Priyanath babu’s residence.

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