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On dalits perspective of PMTA (Hindi)   
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This episode focuses on People’s Mid Term Appraisal in terms of Dalit perspective to ensuring their well-being and development and that the planning process should not only focus on planning alone but benefit them entirely.


All India People's Manifesto Part-3 (Hindi)   
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This episode talks about Women's Charter of demands as a part of the All India People's Manifesto. "The significance of this Manifesto is that each demand has emerged from the local level and therefore reflects the realities and expectations of the people of India. 231,984 people – both men and women – have been involved in the consultations that were organized by partners of Wada Na Todo Abhiyan across 100 parliamentary constituencies. These demands present a composite and completely do-able national agenda for women which no political party can afford to ignore.” says Geetha Bharadwaj. "The women's manifesto which has been developed in Maharastra demands 33% reservation in higher education and the vidhan sabha. There should be adequate budgetary allocations for health and education. A strong demand has been raised for stringent implementation of laws on domestic violence" says Jyoti Nagarkar from Maharashtra

Expectations on budget (Hindi)   
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Every year the parliament propose budget for the overall development of the country. Lot of promises are being made and in this episode we try to find out what people expect from the budget this year. We talk to Mr. Mazhar Hussain, Steering group member of WNTA, and Mr. Gopal Verma, State Co-ordinator of Centre for Dalit Rights, Rajasthan shared their views on budget 2010.  

AIPM celebrity voices (Hindi)   
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In this Episode Celbrities Nandita Das, Murali Kartik and Govind Pandey lend their voice to the All India Peoples Manifesto. “Such initiatives are important because even the smallest action goes a long way in contributing to the change that we want to see in society,”.The first step for the youth to take is to start voting” says Nandita Das Addressing the youth of the country, “I request the youth to come out and vote in large numbers because it is us who needs to decide and choose our leaders. It is also our birth right” says Murali Kartik. "The political leaders should not only make new promises but also ensure that the old promises are fulfilled. Providing better health, education and livelihoods should be the prerogative of the next govt." says Govind Pandey in his message to the govt.

London G-20 summit (Hindi)   
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In this episode Swati Sahi from One World South Asia who represented India in the Bloggers G20 summit on invitation from Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) and Oxfam relates the relevance of the G20 summit. Avinash Kumar from Oxfam India shares the action being taken by civil society on the G20 summit. "lakhs of people are losing their jobs and the poor are plunging below the poverty line as a result of the recession"

Nine is mine and public private partnership in education (Hindi)   
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Nine-Is-Mine is the children’s initiative of Wada Na Todo Abhiyan, which aims to ensure that the government commits 9% GDP to public expenditure on health and education as promised by the NCMP. In this episode we discussed with Mr. Datta Patil, Executive Director, YUVA, Nagpur and Mr. Anil Singh, WNTA Steering Group Member and General Secretary of SANSAD, Delhi. 

Governance and social exclusion (Hindi)   
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This episode is the third part of a three part series of thematic discussions aimed at identifying the priorities that for building the 'People's Governance Agenda' that could be presented to the newly elected government in June 2009. This part analyzes the promises that have been made by different political parties through the Election Manifestos on Governance and Social Exclusion.

One year of UPA II (Hindi)   
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This episode talks on one year of UPA II. It basically focuses on its performance for the past one year. Mr. Anil Singh and Amitabh Behar gave their views on its achievement during the past one year and suggested that there is a need of commitment from the government in order to achieve its promises. 

Nine is mine (Hindi)   
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This episode highlights on the Nine is Mine Campaign basically focusing on the allocation and implementation of public expenditure on education and health for the past five years by the UPA government.

MDG 1 - eradicate extreme poverty and hunger (Hindi)   
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This episode speaks on MDG 1: Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger. And also highlighting the high level meeting of the General Assembly where World leaders will renew their commitment to build on achievements and close the gaps in achieving the MDGs by 2015. Miss Mandira Moddie from UN Millennium Campaign and Joy Elamon from UN Solution Exchange gave their views on the same.  

Haq Hamara Wada Tumhara

Wada Na Todo Abhiyan runs a bi-weekly radio program called 'Haq Hamara Wada Tumhara' in partnership with One World South Asia. The program is aired on AIR FM Rainbow (102.6 Hz) on every alternate Fridays. The objective of the program is to reach out to larger audience on developmental issues and bring awareness among the people and hold the government accountable to its promises to end poverty, social exclusion and discrimination.

The program initially started in October 2008 and has successful aired 74 Episodes till September 2011. We receive feedback, sms and phone calls from our listeners and respond to their issues accordingly.

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