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Cash transfer against PDS (Hindi)   
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The finance minister’s Budget speech proposed a radical change in subsidies: instead of trying (and failing) to provide subsidized goods to the needy, the government would provide cash transfers. This would cut wastage and leakages in subsidies. This episode speaks in favour of PDS because it would provide direct support to people who are poor. Cash Transfer would not benefit the poor in the long run. In support of this Anjali Bhardwaj from Satark Nagrik Sangathan gave her view on the same.

Girl child (Hindi)   
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India is a country where social disadvantage outweighs natural biological advantage of being a girl. A whole range of discriminatory practices including female foeticide, female infanticide, female genital mutilation, son idolization, early marriage and dowry have buried the future of the nation. This episode highlights the plight of the girl child in India and urges the Government to Educate girls as its high priority. Ms. Jaya Singh (CRY) and Mr. Lov Verma (NCPCR) gave their view on the same. 

The outcomes of G-8 and W-8 (Hindi)   
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This episode and woman's Group which was formed to respond to the deliberations of G8 at New York basically focusing on economic count down and the impact of climate change.

MDG 4 - to reduce the infant mortality rate (Hindi)   
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This episode speaks on MDG 4: To reduce the infant mortality rate (IMR) and under-five mortality (U5MR). There is a huge disparity between rural and urban areas, between boys and girls and states as well. Government should come out with various policies, schemes and progammes to address these issues. Ms. Renu Singh (Save the Children) and Mr. Pavitra Mohan (UNICEF) gave their thoughts on the same.  

Women tribunal against poverty (Hindi)   
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This episode broadly highlighting women's issues due to climate crisis affecting their normal life adversely and hereby urging the government to immediately adapt strategies to cope with the immediate changes.  

All india people's manifesto (Hindi)   
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This episode opens the discussion on the All India Peoples Manifesto. "This is an initiative of various civil society groups to bring the participation of common citizens into the political process. After the Mumbai terror strikes, its evident that people's participation in the governance of the country is crucial. The responsibility and participation of the people does not end with voting once in five years" says Amitabh Behar, Convener Wada Na Todo Abhiyan. Sharing the ground level experiences of the people's manifesto public meetings, "Need for transparency and proper implementation of schemes like National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme and Public Distribution System are the key issues that have emerged from the people's manifesto public meetings" says Priyanka Dixit from Uttar Pradesh, Wada Nibhao Abhiyan.

Schedule caste sub plan (Hindi)   
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This episode highlights the issus of schedule caste in terms of the special component plan promised in the 11th Five Year Plan and to ensure their well-being and development through this plan.

Sarva shiksha abhiyan (Hindi)   
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This episode focuses on Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan which is one of the flagship schemes of the government. “SSA has proved a lifeline for children to demand their right to education and fight injustice. SSA has given an opportunity for children to become citizens. The main challenge of SSA is that there still there are many children who are out of school while on the other hand retaining them in school is another major challenge of SSA" says Dr. Shanta Sinha, Chaiperson of National Commission for Protection of Child Rights. "The ASER Report has shown that SSA has been quite successful in several states. Yet at the same time there are many bureaucratic hurdles in its implementation while an urban model on SSA is still not in place. India is one of the fastest growing nation but there is a need for inclusive development. We should all vow to ensure that no child is out of school" says Farida Lambay of Pratham.

On development trajectory of post independence India (Hindi)   
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This episode highlights the issue of Development trajectory of post independence India, focusing on women and their status in India. The episode tried to find out the progress of India since independence taking into account women issues in particular. 

All India people's manifesto part-ll (Hindi)   
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This episode talks about the ground action being conducted on the All India People's Manifesto. "The All India Peoples Manifesto has helped us put forward our demand and made us aware of the demands that we need to make. The media has highlighted these demands although the political party leaders seem slightly cautious" says Himanshu Banker from Gujarat. "The women's manifesto which has been developed in Maharastra demands 33% reservation in higher education and the vidhan sabha. There should be adequate budgetary allocations for health and education. A strong demand has been raised for stringent implementation of laws on domestic violence" says Jyoti Nagarkar from Maharashtra

Haq Hamara Wada Tumhara

Wada Na Todo Abhiyan runs a bi-weekly radio program called 'Haq Hamara Wada Tumhara' in partnership with One World South Asia. The program is aired on AIR FM Rainbow (102.6 Hz) on every alternate Fridays. The objective of the program is to reach out to larger audience on developmental issues and bring awareness among the people and hold the government accountable to its promises to end poverty, social exclusion and discrimination.

The program initially started in October 2008 and has successful aired 74 Episodes till September 2011. We receive feedback, sms and phone calls from our listeners and respond to their issues accordingly.

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