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MDG 6 - Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases (Hindi)   
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This episode basically speaks on MDG-6 (Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases). There is a need for more political will and public participation to combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases. The government should equip existing PHCs and CHCs with trained personnel to address this menace. Ms. Anjali Gopalan (NAZ Foundation) and Mr. Amit Sengupta (JSA) shared their views on the same and highlighted that trained local health care givers to raise the effectiveness of service delivery in addressing these issues.

Food security and Peoples' mid-term appraisal of 11th plan (Hindi)   
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This episode highlights various problems faced by the people of India due to increase in food price and lack of good harvest. Food Security is not just a poverty issue, it is a much larger issue that involves the whole food system and affects every one of us in some way or the other. Among other things, Devinder Sharma talked of Futures’ trading as a factor to rising food prices and Dr. Suman Sahai said that BT brinjal and GM crops are not the ways to ensure food security.

NREGA and Right to Work (Hindi)   
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Listen to the 3rd episode of Haq Hamara, Wada Tumara on NREGA and the Right to Work. In this Episode Nitin Chandra, Director of NREGA and Nikhil Dey from Majdur Kisan Suraksha Sanghathan discuss on the progress and challenges towards the implementation of NREGA. This theme is being conducted in two parts where the 4th episode will focus on the activities being conducted in other different states.

Water and Sanitation (Hindi)   
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Water and Sanitation continue to be a matter of concern in India. The policies are well made in many cases but implementation fails in most cases. Year after year we hear the same news over water dispute in the country and government is failing to resolve those issues in the country. In this episode we chat with Mrs. Indira Khurana, Country Director of WaterAid, and Dr. Alok Vyas, CECOEDECON, Rajasthan. 

Economic growth and Women empowerment (Hindi)   
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Women empowerment is the ability of women to exercise her full control over her action. In the past, women as we know were treated as mere housewives, but now we see women coming in the mainstream. Women leadership across Panchayats is made mandatory by the central government with an objective of women empowerment. And in this episode we try to understand the economic struggle of women in their lives. Prof. B.L.Pandit, economist of Delhi University and Yamini Mishra, Steering Group member of WNTA share their view point in this regard.

Health and Education (Hindi)   
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This episode is the first part of a three part series of thematic discussions aimed at identifying the priorities that for building the 'People's Governance Agenda' that could be presented to the newly elected government in June 2009. This part analyzes the promises that have been made by different political parties through the Election Manifestos on health and education.

World anti-poverty day (Hindi)   
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Although we celebrate the World Anti Poverty day every year but the fact that rich is becoming richer and poor is becoming poorer are the same. There should be something new should happen in order to address this issues. Mr. Amitabh Behar of Wada Na Todo Abhiyan gave his views on the same.

Right to Education bill (Hindi)   
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This episode of Haq Hamara, Wada Tumara opens the discussion on the Right to Education Bill. "The main provision of the bill is Free and Compulsory education. Free education means that the govt. has to support all the costs of a child due to which he/she remains out of school. Similarly it is compulsory for the govt. and the not the people to provide education to all" says Prof. Vinod Raina from Bhart Gyan Bigyan Samiti and former member of Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) which drafted the bill. "The struggle for such bill has been going on for years and we welcome the bill but most people are worried about the current form of the bill. The main challenge of the bill is that the bill divides childhood into three parts which defeats the objective of providing education to all the children upto 18 years" says Prof. Janaki Rajan, of Jamia Milia Islamia and director of Sarojini Naidu Center for Women's Studies

Right to Education (Hindi)   
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This episode focuses on the priorities of the bill highlighting education for all aged from 6-14 years old for a comprehensive, compulsory and free education. Few experts points out the grey areas in not looking at legitimate education for the excluded and socially disadvantaged groups of the society.

NREGA and Right to Work part- II (Hindi)   
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In this episode the discussion on NREGA continues to explore and expose the progress in the implementation of NREGS across states as well as the inclusion of the socially excluded groups within the scheme. KS Gopal. Anindo Banerjei , and Sejal Dand  reveal  the challenges and progress made so far in Andhra Pradesh,  Bihar and Gujarat respectively. Yamini Aiyyer, Accountability Initiative Center for Policy Research speaks on the participation of women while Javed Abidi, Disability Rights Group speaks on the rights and participation of the disabled groups in NREGS.

Haq Hamara Wada Tumhara

Wada Na Todo Abhiyan runs a bi-weekly radio program called 'Haq Hamara Wada Tumhara' in partnership with One World South Asia. The program is aired on AIR FM Rainbow (102.6 Hz) on every alternate Fridays. The objective of the program is to reach out to larger audience on developmental issues and bring awareness among the people and hold the government accountable to its promises to end poverty, social exclusion and discrimination.

The program initially started in October 2008 and has successful aired 74 Episodes till September 2011. We receive feedback, sms and phone calls from our listeners and respond to their issues accordingly.

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