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Haritkranti (Green Revolution) Ep4 (Marathi)   
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This programme is based on radio series where issues related to poverty and agriculture are highlighted. In this episode, we will talk about Green Revolution and modern agricultural practices. Farmers and experts discuss various methods of sustainable agriculture such as organic farming or use of extensive agriculture, which would help in maintaining the fertility of the land.

Darkshye Arve (Marathi)   
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In this programme, Mr. Subhash Rao Datrateya of Shetkari Sangh speaks about the problems of farmers.

Haritkranti (Green Revolution) – EP26 (Marathi)   
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This radio show is a part of Green CR’s series - Haritkranti, which means Green Revolution and focuses on modern agricultural practices. Farmers and experts discuss various methods of sustainable agriculture such as organic farming and extensive agriculture. In this episode, expert Dr. Rajaram Deshmukh provides tips to enhance agricultural productivity.

Pension (Marathi)   
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This radio programme is based on various pension schemes run by the Maharashtran and Indian government.

Khodava (Marathi)   
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In this episode of Haritkranti, two farmers talk about the conditions that are favourable for the cultivation of sugarcane.

Khodava: Oos (Hindi)   
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In this radio programme, a farmer talks about increasing the production of Oos. Ideally, a farmer should be able to produce 100-110 ton/acre. He says, a farmer should not burn the agricultural wastes in the field because it harms insects that increase soil fertility.

Jivan Khate (Marathi)   
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In this radio programme, farmers talk about good practices in agriculture that will help them increase yield and enhance productivity.

Haritkranti (Green Revolution) – EP08 (Marathi)   
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This radio show is a part of Green CR’s series - Haritkranti, which means Green Revolution and focuses on modern agricultural practices. Farmers and experts discuss various methods of sustainable agriculture such as organic farming and extensive agriculture.

Yuvak aani sheti karane (Marathi)   
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A radio magazine urging youth to choose agriculture as a profession.

Mirchi (Marathi)   
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Chilli is one of the important spices which is cultivated in India and has got a huge significance in Indian Cuisine. This radio programme discusses the chilli farming in detail, it deliberates upon various disease and cures.

Green Radio

<p>GreenRadio is a platform for the people and of the people. We provide information;we entertain &amp; educate our listeners through our social media.</p> <p>Our Vision:1) We aim to learn continually, raise the standard of informative broadcasting, change with times and grow to gether with our community.2) Wewould serve as a vital community catalyst, through Inovative and quality programming and high standards of service to the greater community.3) We would provide the community with a responsible, independent and viable information forum &amp; develop a global perspective to facilitate the ideas and artistic expression.</p>

<p>Sangli is located in South Maharashtra and is blessed with multi-faceted cultural enrichment, knowledgeable &amp;expertise people ,artistic creative people &amp; most important lymusic lovers. Only Aakashwani was the radio medium in this area. Sangli certainly needed a platform to spread the local artists' works &amp;promote those artists.Hence bringing up a thought of setting up alocal radio community station, Sasneha Mandal with the help of CRS initiated &amp; got the opportunity to reach the mass with Sangli&rsquo;s first local radio station.</p>

Green Radio @90.4 MHz broadcasts its programmes on 90.4 MHz for 18 hours daily between 6:00 am – 12:00 midnight

Languages of Broadcast: Hindi and Marathi.

Name of the Programme Format Description
Harit Kranti Information, Interview, Bazar updates, Talk Shows We have 10 episodes on banking and on agriculture depending on current climate. We update daily and broadcast 365 days.
Dr’s Room Interview and Answering the Questions of Community We invite specialist doctors to give information of their respective fields and give answers of the questions asked by community.
Chala Paryatanala Information and Talk Show We give information regarding tourist places in India, best time to visit, climate, precautions to be taken, sites to be visited.
Youth Corner Information/Talk show, Interview Special programme for youth regarding their career, information on courses, available job opportunities, interviews of teachers and experts regarding how to study for competitive examination are conducted.
Rang Maza Wegala Interview and talk Show Interview of persons having different talent in various categories such as sports, drawing, painting, singing , music etc. and how to grow this talent professionally

Source: Compendium 2011 and 2012, CEMCA and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India

<p>Signature Programme: Doctor&rsquo;s Room, Rang Maza Wegla, Harith Kranti. Community Participation: The Community Radio has taken some initiatives to ensure involvement of the community. For instance, on the occasion of children&rsquo;s day on November 14th, the Radio Station is run by school students facilitated by Kid RJs who host the programmes with the help from regular RJs so that they can enjoy their day. Innovations in Format: Sangli is developed district with some 300 bank branches servingabout 2.5 lakh customers. The radio began an innovative programme, Salla Bank involving experts from the banks to offer tips, latest trends and upcoming promotional offersand explain procedures besides also talk of safety and security. This helped the community gain more knowledge and awareness in the banking sector. The programme got tremendous response and feedback.</p>

<p>Funding and Partnerships The radio station is managed with help from donors and local artists who volunteer for it.Since 90.4Green Radio is not government-supported, hence funding for infrastructural development and technical tools depends on donations.</p>

<p>There was no local station present in Sangli. So being the first local station, Green Radio experimented with shows focussed on the local language Marathi and also in Hindi, bringing in different programmes taking into consideration listeners&rsquo; interests.</p> <p>Funds were mobilised to providehelp to a two-year old cancer affected child who is now undergoing treatment after her mother had asked Green Radio to appeal for financial help.</p> <p>The Radio Green RJ training programmein June saw its first batch of15 students successfully complete a two month certificate course.</p>

<p><strong>Core Team:</strong><br />Chetana Vaidya, Prbhakar Gurav, Medha Sovani and Prajakta Shah.</p> <p><br /><strong>CRMC members:</strong><br />Shivaji Mohite Secretary, Prajakta Shah, Chetana Vaidya, B A Chogule, Vishal Magdum, Prbhakar Gurav,V.J.Khambalkar, Shivraj Yadav, Medha Sohni, Mrunal Astekar and Rajesh Halyal.</p>

Basement, Shiv Pavilion, NearRamMandir, Sangli Miraj Road, Sangli, Maharashtra–416416
Phone: +912332322012, +918007505000, +919423053598
Email: greenradio90.4@gmail.com

Frequency : 90.4000015258789
Broadcast hours : 05.30 am–12.00 midnight
Established in : 2010-08-22
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Language : NA