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Ek Nanha Sapna - 11 (Hindi)

This programme delivers the information for the mother and child health issues. It is about to aware the community women on how to care in the pre and post pregnancy cases.

Participants: Community members
Programme Format: Drama
Date of Broadcast: 0000-00-00
Date of Upload: 2013-10-09 06:38:33
File Format: MP3
Themes: Health --> Healthy Living

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Content is yet to be updated by the station.

Content is yet to be updated by the station.

Sixteen hours programmes are aired daily from its two stations CMS Gomti Nagar and CMS Girls’ Degree College Kanpur Road Lucknow.

CMS Gomti Nagar :                   7:00 am to 11:00 am      &      3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

CMS Girls’ Degree College :    11:00 am to 3:00 pm      &      7:00  pm to 11:00 pm


Content is yet to be updated by the station.

Content is yet to be updated by the station.

Work done by the Community woman in CMS CR

Sarita Rawat, is a 21 year young girl of Jhiljhila Purvavillage who is about to complete her graduation. Sarita’s father suffered a paralytic attack and was thus unable to earn a livelihood for the family.

Content of the programme: CMS Community Radio airs a popular programme called SEHAT KI BAAT DOCTOR KE SATH every Sunday. On one such programme, an eminent senior gynecologist Dr Amita Pandey from Medical University Lucknow was on air, when Sarita made a phone call elucidating her problem. During the conversation doctor went into details asking certain uncomfortable questions for which Sarita felt that she can not answer them on phone. Upon which the doctor advised her to come to the Medical University for proper checkup and treatment.

CMS CRS team promptly took heed of her problem and a female anchor of CMS CRS visited her and accompanied her to the hospital.

The lady doctor got all the tests done in hospital free of cost and it was diagnosed with Acute Aneamia which needed prompt and proper treatment. The doctor felicitated all the medicines for free from the hospital. After a month Sarita recovered completely.

During this period of interaction with her, CMS-CRS team realized that she is a girl with lot of hidden talents and a desire to achieve something in life. Sarita            was then called at the CMS CRS audio studio and was trained as an anchor by the staff. A delighted Sarita says, “I always wanted to do something different but as I live in a village, I had never thought that I too can contribute to the betterment of my village, now I know the way and CMS CRS has shown me one.”

The change observed:Now as per the doctor’s advice Sarita began eating green leafy vegetables and other iron rich diets. She is also making other community women aware to take iron rich diets especially the teenagers. Now Sarita has evolved further with many Radio progrmme as she is greatly into Folk Songs

Today Sarita is our star anchor of the radio programme “Saathi Haath Bhadhana” whichcovers various community related issues. “Saathi Haath Bhadhana” programme has received National Award in Thematic Category at 2nd CR Sammelan at New Delhi on 18th Feb-2012. 

Achievements /success stories: Children who have associated with Cms community Radio.

Here are few people from the local community who think that CMS-Community Radio has changed their thinking and mindset towards life, it has become a success story and source of inspirations for the other members of the community.


A 21-year old young girl came to the studio in March-2009 after she heard bhajans being played on this community Radio Channel. After initial fumbling she has managed to settle down to contribute to making various radio programmes. With her confidence growing, she learnt the basics of computer and graduated to announcement and supporting the phone-in-programmes. She too admits. “Earlier, I would not speak. I have to thank CMS CRS for giving me this opportunity.” She adds, “It is a great experience, when we are speaking on the radio. Our family is able to hear us, what can be better?”

Chenavati is a dynamic and regular volunteer of CMS-CRS who not only plays various roles in the radio programmes but also encourages other women of her community to come for recording of folk songs and other activities. “CMS CRS has changed my personality and the outlook towards life.” she says.

Shivani Agrawal

A 20 year old polio affected Shivani is one of the four sisters who lost their father a few years ago. She is studying for her graduation and has been coming regularly to the CMS community Radio station to learn the use of computer for different works at a Radio station like recording, editing and mixing of the programmes. A few months ago, this extremely shy girl who would never reply to any question, now speaks boldly and confidently and regularly participates in various programmes produced by CMS Community Radio. She is also a regular participant in phone-in-programme. Shivani herself admits,”I have been scared to speak to people but now I can speak on the mike and record my poems and Bhajans in community Radio station. This has boosted the level of my confidence.



Sarita Rawat an 18 year young girl of Jhiljhila Purvavillage is associated with CMS-Community Radio since March 2011.Sarita is studying completing her graduation. Sarita’s father suffered a paralytic attack and was thus unable to earn a livelihood for the family. When the CMS-CRS team visited the village, Sarita’s father spoke about the problems the family faced and asked them for help. Then CRS team spoke to Sarita and realized that she has a lot of talent. Sarita was then called at the CMS audio studio and was trained as an anchor by CMS CRS staff. A delighted Sarita says “I always wanted to do something different but as I live in a village, I had never thought that I too could contribute to the betterment of my village. Now I see that I can contribute something through CMS Radio.”


Sarita received a prize for singing song at her college annual function, which she had learnt while listening it on CMS Community Radio.


Now Sarita anchors the radio programme “Saathi Haath Bhadhana” whichcovers various issues of the community. Apart from anchoring she also sings folk songs which are broadcast live through CMS CRS. Being a hard working and sincere member of the CMS-CRS family, she is ever thankful to the CMS-Community Radio for grooming her persona. Working with CMS Community Radio, She is earning a good income for her family and herself.


Manish, a 15 years old boy of same village who came in contact with CMS. Radio after listening bhajans being broadcast on CMS-CRS. He is a student of 8th standard in a village school. Manish was very shy in beginning who would never reply to any question, attempted to answer the anchor’s queries during a phone in programme after initial training in CMS studio.

Manish has been trained as a child anchor by the team of CMS CRS. Manish has already started compeering and announcements of many programmes at the CMS Radio Station. He is very good story narrator as his many stories have already been broadcast in CMS CR. He is also earning a decent income for his family through Community Radio.


Amna Jalali: a 15 year old young girl who is studying in class 8th standard at St. Agnes High School Lucknow. Her mother came to know from some reliable sources that some children are being trained at CMS-CRS, and then she came with her two daughters. After a small audition CMS anchors taught Amna the basics of anchoring on radio. After the initial fumbling, Amna managed to contribute in making radio programmes.  Amna is now the regular anchor of all the programmes broadcast on Sunday. She says “It is an enriching experience, when we are speaking on the radio, our family and friends are able to hear us on air what can be more better than this ” She further adds, “Now I speak with a lot of confidence on mike without any fear and hesitation. I thank CMS CRS for grooming my personality.     


Asra Jalali:  Asra is an 11 year old Amna’s younger sister, who is studying in her 4th standard in the same school also following her sister’s foot prints. She was also trained with other children for reciting poems and rhymes for the radio programme “NANHO KI DUNIYA” which is a regular segment of CMS Community Radio. Asra too admits, “Earlier I was very shy to talk to anybody, I am very thankful to CMS CRS for giving me the opportunity to learn many things at CMS studio. It has improved my confidence level and now I can speak without any fear”. Many of her poems, stories and rhymes are recorded and broadcast on CMS Community Radio. Asra also regularly anchors all the programmes broadcast on Sunday.  


<p>1. Mr V Kurian &nbsp;HOD &nbsp;CMS Audio &amp; Video Division</p> <p>2. Mr R K SINGH &nbsp;Station Manager CMS Radio</p> <p>3. Mr Ravindra Tripathi &nbsp; Programme Executive</p> <p>4. Ms Soma Ghosh &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Programme Executive</p> <p>5. Ms Vanita Sharma &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;Programme Executive</p> <p>6. Mr Harsh Bawa &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Media Coordinator</p>

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