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नवरात्र - 06 (Hindi)

इस कार्यक्रम में नवरात्र के पहले दिन का महत्व बताया गया है जिसमे हम माँ कात्याना की पूजा करते है |

Experts: Gitanjali Kalia
Programme Format: Feature
Date of Broadcast: 0000-00-00
Date of Upload: 2013-10-05 06:06:52
File Format: MP3
Themes: Cultural Development --> Heritage

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<p>Chitkara CR endeavours to equip its listeners with the fundamental purpose of giving voice to the voiceless through which they can share success stories, get encouragement, find solutions of small and big problems of any kind, develop a faith on radio as mass media and connect each other with sound and varied content and also music of all kind to heal tiredness of body and mind.</p> <p>We are aiming to become one of the North India&rsquo;s leading Community Radio Stations encouraging audience participation in content creation and make it a forum in the true sense where the community by airing opinions, views, concerns and aspirations as also reflecting its language and culture.</p>

<p>Chitkara Educational Trust was founded in the year 1998 with a mission to pursue excellence in all fields of education and academics.</p> <p>Keeping corporate social responsibility as the aim, the trust started initiatives three years back to have a radio studio set up through which it may address the community where its campus is situated in Punjab and air programmes which are near to their heart and mind.</p>

Content is yet to be updated by the station.

<p>Signature Programme: Virse Di Bhukkal- A loving, warm embrace of Punjabi culture that fills your heart with glory of Punjabi music, culture, and customs and art forms The programme introduces the listeners to the great artists produced by Punjab (Eastern and Western) who put the name of Punjab on a high pedestal for everyone to see across the globe. Sikhiya di Phulwari: This educational programme covers various topics, including child education, education of girls. GK Ki KG Class: This programme is all about interesting unknown facts about people, places, world, nature etc. These facts are on basic things too, which listeners come across every day, Request Ho Jaaye- it is an entertainment based programme in which phone-in and request through SMS are invited and the music according to listener choice is played. Community Participation: We have done programmes involving school children at primary and middle level. Innovations in format: Some of our programmes are purely on VOX-POP (people and their bytes on certain issues/topics.)</p>

<p>Funding and Partnerships BECIL provided consultancy and installed most of the equipments for the radio station. The station also purchased some equipment like microphones, consoles, software which were configured by BECIL&rsquo;s technical team.</p>

<p>We found that the nearby audience is ready to tune into radio if at all the station is coming up with good content and also variety.&nbsp;</p>

<p><strong>Core Team:</strong> We are a team of six people. Four are radio jockeys while two are in the marketing team.</p> <p><br /><strong>CRMC members:</strong> Members of our management team are really confident about their management towards work.</p>

Chitkara FM 107.8 Chitkara University Village -Jhansla, Patiala- Chandigarh Road, Near Rajpura Dist. Patiala (Punjab) 140601.
Phone: 09501105609
Email: radio1078@chitkara.edu.in

Frequency : 107.80000305175781
Broadcast hours : NA
Established in : 2012-10-26
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