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English Story - Jayavaishnavi ( English)   
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It is a radio programme produced by VIT CR. It celebrates Children's Day by presenting special programmes.

EOI - Mass Surveillance - 004 ( English)   
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This programme is produced by VIT Community Radio. It features special exchange of Ideas - Group Discussions with Young Minds - VIT Community Radio's Discussion Forum.

Future Predicting Systems (Ep - 03) ( English)   
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The present programme provides a platform to the youth of the community to exchange their ideas. It speaks about the future predicting system and its impact.

Existense of God (Ep - 02) ( English)   
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It is a radio programme produced by VIT CR. The present programme includes a group discussion on the 'existence of God' with the young people of the community.

Animal Instincts (Safty of Elephants) ( English)   
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Radio Active series on animal welfare and rights issues, to seek solutions and to look at policy advocacy, capacity building, rescue operations and radio programs among the others by Animal activists in Bangalore. 

Elephants dying on railway tracks is something we read about very often. Also, since they live in herds and graze on different patches, they move about using elephant corridors. These corridors are often part of human settlements and industrial areas, which makes it harmful for the elephants. On this episode of Animal Instincts, we talk to two experts in this field- Mr. Ashok and Mr. Jose Lewis, who will discuss how elephants die on railway tracks and elephant corridors and what needs to be done to avoid it.


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English is one of the official languages of Indian republic and is widely used in official, literary and spoken contexts. English is considered as the lingua franca connecting English speaking people and those speaking diverse mother tongues. English is the first language of majority of inhabitants of several countries in the world. English is the official language of more than 54 countries.