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IAEA calls for enhanced radiation protection of patients ( English)   
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IAEA CALLS FOR ENHANCED RADIATION PROTECTION OF PATIENTS Safety Specialists Warn Against Overuse of New Imaging Devices Advances in medical imaging techniques are allowing doctors to detect hidden diseases and make ever more accurate diagnoses. But radiation safety experts at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) say that the overuse of high-tech scanning procedures may unnecessarily expose patients to increased radiation levels. The IAEA, in collaboration with other international organizations, is developing a series of measures aimed at strengthening patient protection. The focus of recent efforts is a Smart Card project, to log how much radiation a person receives in the course of a lifetime. Concern surrounds procedures such as computed tomography (CT) scans because they deliver higher doses of radiation to patients in comparison to conventional X-rays (radiographs). It's been estimated that the average radiation dose of one CT scan is equal to roughly 500 chest X-rays. And that can increase a patient's lifetime risk of cancer, particularly if CT scans are repeated. Madan Rehani, IAEA Radiation Safety Specialist. He discusses the issue of radiation protection of patients with Louise Potterton

More crop per drop - Nuclear technology helps farmers use water ( English)   
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Scientists from the Joint Division of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the International Energy Agency in (IAEA), in Vienna, Austria are helping farmers around the world to make the most of their water resources. Using nuclear techniques that show precisely how much water and fertilizers different plant varieties need, the experts are promoting a system called “drip irrigation”. This cost-effective technique can reduce water use by 50 percent, compared to other forms of irrigation. It needs less fertilizer, less manpower and also improves the quality of the plants. Louise Potterton has this report from the IAEA.

Socho dil se: Pressure on children ( English)   
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Children should not feel pressured for studies, urges this radio spot. These days, parents are putting immense pressure on their children to perform well in exams. This is resulting in children committing suicide.


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