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Champa nodir bogole bogole ( Assamese)   
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Assam has a versatile look in the field of language and culture. It is a feature based upon Gowalporiya folk songs and culture. Gowalpara is a district of lower Assam, situated on the south bank of river Brahmaputra. It has unique style in their language and culture. Apart from Gowalpara this culture is also being practiced in Dhuburi, Kokrajhar and Bongaigaon district. 'Champa nodir bogole bogole' means through the banks of river Champa.

Railway Crossing ( Assamese)   
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This programme is to make people aware about taking precautions while crossing railway tracks. Usually people do not follow rules and cross the tracks blindly.

Radio Spot on Mid Day Meal Scheme (Magician) ( Assamese)   
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This radio spot on the Mid Day Meal Scheme of the government informs the listeners about the free mid-day meals provided in schools up to class eight and urges the children to go to school.

Radio Spot on Mid Day Meal Scheme (Phoolmati) ( Assamese)   
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This is a radio spot on the Mid Day Meal Scheme of the government, urges the parents to access their right to check the quality of food served through the scheme. As Unhygienic food would have negative health impact on the children.

UN MDG ( Assamese)   
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A vox pop on United Nations Millennium Goals.

Yuva Taranga: Youth special ( Assamese)   
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Yuva Taranga is a programme totally dedicated to the youth. It is broadcast on Friday every week. The youth members exhibit their talents in this programme.

Manor Khabor: Letter writing ( Assamese)   
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Manor Khabor is a popular programme of Jnan Taranga. The subject of this episode is letter writing which has now become an old practice.

Health talk (Sasthya sorsa) ( Assamese)   
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The topic of this episode is 'Jaundice'. Jaundice is a physical condition of body in which skin and eyes show yellowish pigmentation.

Rohan: Bihu special ( Assamese)   
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Rohan is a radio documentary programme. The theme of this episode is state festival of Assam - 'Bihu'.


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Assamese is a widely spoken language of North-Eastern state of Assam. Derived from a phonetic set of characters and its Sanskrit behaviour, this language is written in Assamese script from left to right and top to bottom. Assamese evolved in 1000-1200 AD from Magadhi Prakriti.