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More crop per drop - Nuclear technology helps farmers use water ( English)   
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Scientists from the Joint Division of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the International Energy Agency in (IAEA), in Vienna, Austria are helping farmers around the world to make the most of their water resources. Using nuclear techniques that show precisely how much water and fertilizers different plant varieties need, the experts are promoting a system called “drip irrigation”. This cost-effective technique can reduce water use by 50 percent, compared to other forms of irrigation. It needs less fertilizer, less manpower and also improves the quality of the plants. Louise Potterton has this report from the IAEA.

Significance of education for women ( Urdu)   
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Women's education is very important for overall progress of the society. It talks about how taboos in Muslim communities prevent women from opting for higher education. Taking examples from Muslim women rulers of India, it shows the comparison between educated and uneducated women.


Save the soul of purity: Environment ( Hindi)   
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A radio spot describing global warming. It urges people and shopkeepers to stop using plastic bags. We must try to use disposable bags and save nature.

Ways to live your life ( Hindi)   
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A radio spot giving some tips for a healthy and beautiful life. We should enjoy every moment of our lives.

Save the soul of purity: Family values ( Hindi)   
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A radio spot on importance of maintaining good relationships within the family. Nowadays, the new generation is forgetting the importance of family values. Sons don’t give respect to their parents. After marriage, a husband forgets his promises which create problems.

Invoking rain ( Hindi)   
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Radio spot and song showing the significance of water for agriculture and urges citizens to conserve water.

Education fair: Spreading colours of education ( Hindi)   
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Talimi Mela i.e. education fair is one of the biggest cultural fest of Jamia Milia Islamia and is open for all. Colleges and schools from all over the country participate into it. 

Suron ke badshah Mohammed Rafi ( Hindi)   
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A feature on Mohammed Rafi: Voice Man. Mohammed Rafi still continues to entertain millions around the world everyday. That makes Rafi heritage, his perfect voice evergreen and his unique legacy immortal. 

MDGs and stand up against poverty ( Hindi)   
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A radio program on the policy promises of the government and related civil society initiatives titled, ‘Wada Na Todo’ is being launched as part of the global mobilizations around ‘World Anti-Poverty Day’ (Oct 17th). It was aired from 1630 – 1800 hrs (IST) on AIR FM Rainbow (102.6). The program is a joint initiative of Wada Na Todo Abhiyan and One World South Asia. The first episode focuses on the promise to meet the Millennium Development Goals and the outcomes of the recently held UN MDG Summit. The title track written, sung and composed by young friends of the Abhiyan from Darjeeling is an added attraction. Do tune in to listen and share your experiences on the wide range of policy issues that will be covered!


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A radio feature is a format that uses human voice, music and sound effect to draw a pictorial view on an issue or subject. A radio feature is narrated by an anchor. It is necessary that the anchor has a good voice modulation. Generally, the ideal duration of a radio feature ranges between five and 15 minutes.